Saturday, July 29 – Saturday, August 5


Thank you for your interest. We’re excited to be putting together a multi-campus team (West Campus, City Church, Iglesia) that will participate in Centerpoint’s first mission trip for a number of years. We’ll be hosted by Rio Bravo Ministries and will work on facility improvement projects, interact with & encourage orphans living on the compound, minister to Haitian refugees off-site, and—depending on the make-up of our team—potentially run a 3-morning Vacation Bible School program.

Rio Bravo runs four care homes for orphans and two Christian schools for underprivileged kids, and participates in various other outreaches throughout the area. You can find out more about the ministry on their website or on their Facebook page. Looking at some of the videos posted on their Facebook page will give you a good perspective.

Location & travel

Reynosa is just across the border from McAllen, TX. We’ll stay on the ministry compound, the same location as the four care homes and one of the Christian schools. We will fly into McAllen and be shepherded across the international border by the ministry director. Updated passports are suggested; however, a certified copy of a birth certificate, together with a photo ID, is an acceptable alternative form of ID for crossing the border.


All travel, especially international travel, involves some risk. All ministry, in fact, involves an element of risk. That said, the risk-level of this trip is low compared to many other international opportunities, and compared to the inner cities of our largest US metropolises. We can assure participants of this trip’s general safety because we will be working with a well-established ministry, begun 30 years ago, which has a very good reputation and is well-respected (and to a degree protected by the locals). The ministry director, Ray Hansen , will personally lead us across the border. Additionally, he or one of his assistants will always direct and accompany us when off-site (when we leave the compound).

Who may participate

Any professing Christian or seeker (someone exploring the Christian faith) aged 16 and up is welcome to apply for the trip. Participants under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Since we are encouraging entire families to participate, we anticipate a number of pre-adolescents and young adolescents will be part of the team.


The cost for the trip will be $675 per participant; a trip deposit of $200 must be raised by June 10 in order to hold your spot. We'll provide fund-raising coaching and assistance. Ideally, most or all the funding will be secured via fund-raising.

Commitment / expectations

You will be expected to participate in group fund-raising projects and to attend three planning & training meetings ahead of time, plus one de-briefing meeting after the trip. You’ll also be expected to do daily personal devotions during the trip, participate in all required trip activities, and humbly submit to the trip leadership regarding direction and decisions.

How to sign up

Please indicate your interest by emailing or texting the trip director, Pastor Markus Jeromin, and filling out the trip application which you'll find by clicking the button below.
 If you have any additional questions please reach out to Markus at 269-808-4287 or at  You can also reach out to Josh Pressley, Phil Edmonds or Pastor Jason Olson.