A renewed city, through a renewed people,
to restore a lost and broken world, for God's glory.

God has given to us freely and lavishly. God is extravagantly generous in all that He does
because God is generous in who He is. We endeavor to become increasingly like Christ,
with minds, hearts, and wills submitted to the Spirit's desire to make us more like Jesus.

As we grow Christlike our character becomes more whole, our theology deeper, our
wisdom more freeing, and our life more missional. Generosity manifests itself in our very
being. We are generous with our time for others and with our gifts and experiences.

When considering stewarding our resources, money, and assets, generosity will prove to
be most joyful.
A culture of joyful generosity and stewardship does not happen by accident but as Scripture-informed design.
We follow these core biblical truths to propel us into God’s preferred future.


God owns it all – we are His managers.


Joyful giving is our reasonable response
to Jesus joyfully giving everything.


Joyful generosity curbs money and possessions’ potential to undermine faith development.
         To reflect more deeply on these truths, you are invited to read our Theology of Generosity. 

We remind and commit ourselves weekly  through the Generosity Pledge:

I am determined to be trustworthy with God's blessings as I place my trust in Him.  
Above all, I endeavor to be generous because You, Father, are generous.  
It is the delight of Your daughters and sons to share Your traits,
and to show what You are like to a lost and broken world so loved by God.

How our Generosity supports the Vision 

Tithes and offerings to equip us as Renewed People

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Legacy Giving of our accumulated wealth
to catalyze and sustain a Renewed City

Our Legacy of Purpose Ministry exists to help us find our purpose in creating our Kingdom Legacy.