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Bridging Boundaries



Covenant Partnership

Centerpoint is shifting from membership to Covenant Partnership. Our goal is to cultivate a loving, united, and spiritually fruitful community where partners actively support and love one another while putting aside self-centeredness, discord, and division. Covenant Partnership emphasizes the importance of genuine, covenant-based relationships and the freedom to love and serve God and one another, as exemplified in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

I'm Not Ready for Covenant Partnership

No problem! You are more than welcome to be part of Centerpoint Church without being a partner. There are three equally valuable ways to participate in the family life of Centerpoint Church as seen in the graphic below. We encourage every person to pray about how God is inviting you to participate at Centerpoint.

Centerpoint Fellowship

Centerpoint Fellowship is for everyone. We gather together, worship together, break bread together, and pray together. 

Centerpoint Partnership

Centerpoint Partnership is for those who wish to partner with Centerpoint in its vision of personal and city renewal. We participate in fellowship, but we also live in loving, accountable relationship with one another. 

Centerpoint Leadership

Centerpoint Leadership is when a Covenant Partner oversees the mission and vision of Centerpoint by assuming a leadership role. 

Why Covenant Partnership

The shift to Covenant Partnership is not a rejection of the value of membership but an evolution, like a “membership  2.0" that builds upon and honors the old system while addressing the needs of a changing culture. 
A covenant relationship is a two-way street. It is a commitment to love and support each other and to work together to achieve a common goal. 

Covenant Relationships Are...

...very meaningful

We are making a commitment to one another based on shared values and goals. This creates a deeper sense of connection and community.

...mutually beneficial

Both parties are expected to contribute to the relationship. This means that both parties are invested in the success of the relationship, and both parties benefit from it.

...built on trust & commitment

This makes us more likely to withstand challenges
and obstacles.


God interacts with his people throughout the Bible in covenants - The Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 12:1-3), the Mosaic Covenant (Exo 19-24), the Davidic Covenant (2 Sam 7), and the New Covenant (Luke 22:20) are all commitments that God makes to live in relationship with rebellious, fallen people.

Partnership Commitments


Relentless Prayer

Everything we do is centered on Jesus and prayer is our go-to in all circumstances. We believe in the power of prayer and trust that God hears us and responds. It is through connection to Jesus that transforms us into renewed people.


Bridging Boundaries

We live in a world that divides people with growing precision. We choose to see all people as God sees them - dearly loved children of God. 


Outward Pursuits

We will seek the renewal of our city by living as renewed people who love our neighbors, making disciples who make disciples, and serve our city. 


One Body

The world will know Christ by our love for one another. Jesus prayed that we would be one as He is one with the Father. We commit to practicing unity in the body. 

Covenant Partnership Matters

Covenant Partnership is essential for building a strong and vibrant church community at Centerpoint. When we commit to each other in love and support, we create a place where people are radically welcomed, find belonging, can grow in their faith, and experience the life-changing love of Christ.